Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas......Love, Mom & Pop

This arrived yesterday packed full of food and a couple treats. Need I say more?

Friday, 3 December 2010

Pile Up...

This happens every December - no matter where in the world I happen to be. As much as I would love to deal with the snowy one happening outside my window, I first need to tackle the one in my schedule.

Over the past few years City of Craft occupied this space in my mind and with my leaving that city for my adoptive new home, it's been a little sad to completely sever the ties. I won't physically be in Toronto this December, but a few little pieces of me will be.

Leah's Plate

photo by Danijela Pruginic

City of Craft is organizing two exhibitions and I'll be in both! The first is For Keeps: A Mending Show, co-curated by Jen who picked up one of my sad, sad attempts to salvage a favorite plate when she came to visit me this fall. From what I've seen, this show might make you look at the cracks and holes in your own belongings with a new affection. The opening reception caps off a mending session with a dance party! Attending could only make you feel better about yourself.

photo by Anja Haering

The pieces I've submitted to Love & Money, curated by the so very talented Tara Bursey, is handwork I'm a little more proud of. I also feel pretty honored to share the gallery at Ontario Crafts Council with the other incredible artist-makers in the show. There were some sleepless nights involved in finishing these pieces and some pretty serious self-doubt after endlessly scrutinizing every thread involved; it actually felt nice to release them.

In the city and space I physically occupy, I've been really busy teaching bookbinding to those that want to english. La Bastellerie has me booked for two separate workshops each month from the easy postcard book to more intensive hardcover-making sessions. Of course, you could always take the easy route to gift-giving this holiday and just buy one of my books directly from me at La Bastellerie's annual holiday edition of the D.I.Y. Trunkshow! Come and get drunk on Gl├╝hwein then lay down some dough on the great handmade stuffs on offer.

This craft life of mine isn't complete until it's jammed full. My other baby, The Wunderkabinet will be open during the Trunk Show so that you could get your drunken paws on some lovliness brought to Berlin from far and away.

I had very little to do with the actual happening of City of Craft this year, but to not have my mind occupied while it happens 6 time zones to the west, saddens me to no end. That's why I've signed my sleepless self up to one more market in this markt-crazed city. Coldsnap will be sharing a space with La Bastellerie for Handmade Supermarket. We'll be there on Saturday in the amazing Markthalle in Kreuzberg.

So, to my sisters and brothers in craft I say, here's to a liquored and restful night's sleep after your final show and/or sale. Wherever it might be.

Oh yeah...something else piling up in my mind is posting about 3 weeks we spent in Australia and New Zealand this past October. This trip took a lot out of me and digesting it has been a struggle. It'll happen, I just need a bit more time.