Thursday, 4 December 2008

Lovely Lisboa

There's a huge Portuguese community in Toronto - I lived smack-dab in the centre of it for a while - but, absorbed next to nothing of the culture. I knew we were in for a change when we left the U.K., but as the plane approached the coast and Porto's airport we saw different world. (I later felt a little guilty when someone told us the story of how a touring American band referred to their location as South America, but after being in cold, cold England, it really does look like we're possibly arriving in Argentina) Porto, in particular.

Lisbon, though exotic, is a very European city. It's also a drop dead beautiful - in any light. Time stopped sometime in the 1950s here, but it somehow persists at being a modern city with a pretty darn rich art scene.

We played and stayed in the really nice ZdB complex that was partially outdoors. It was chilly evening, but everything just looked like it belonged in warm climate and that was enough to comfort me at this point in our wintry tour.

We woke up early so we could take a nice long walk through the city. I also went a little snap-happy...

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And one for mom...

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