Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Some Days w/ A Few Bakers

So we had some visitors visiting with us this weekend - I guess that's what they do. It was a very relaxed few days filled with Aidan's parents - Tom and Anne, good food, drink, a few long walks, and a couple sites.

Having visitors gave us an excuse to approach some places we've procrastinated on seeing like the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag.

Our long walk through Treptow Park brought us to this monumental shrine to Berlin's Soviet past.

Thanks for visiting! It was a swell, ├╝ber-long weekend.


kristyn said...

I had the chance to visit Berlin for a week or two in 2001 and the soviet monument in your pictures was probably my favorite place to visit there.

anne said...

Berlin, such a city of green....long allees of trees and canal paths and bridges and roses in bloom. It was great hanging out with the nadja gang!