Saturday, 18 July 2009

Le fete de l'eté!

Apparently, the grammar wasn't the only error on the poster, but they got our info correct and after a long and pretty good and very mixed evening we got up on stage around midnight and cleared the room. After a lentil heavy dinner (that everyone attending the festival was welcome to), the jimmy-leg inducing dance antics of Les Trucs and then the screamy and wind instrumented noise rock of Death Sentence: Panda! the room was spent and as Charlotte of Les Trucs later told me, the steadily increasing volume and temperature made her want to barf - I have to admit, I felt it, too.

Oh yeah, before the show we walked around the old centre of Dresden - the only thing I knew about this city was that it was fire-bombed in WW2, but apparently long before the allies thought it important enough to brutally decimate it was an important centre during the renaissance, huh.

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