Saturday, 21 August 2010

Slightly Terrifying, But Big...In a Little Way...

Okay. So The Wunderkabinet has GROWN! To some of you with whom I've shared my big dream of spaces and future residencies here in Berlin, this is news of a giant step forward. Also, I'm taking this step far, far sooner than I ever intended.

What was a neato cabinet in a neato little shop, has now become a whole neato little room that I am now renting from the aforementioned shop. Legalities aside - who really knows? really(.) - The Wunderkabinet is a live and true THING!

Initially, this was a terrifying realisation at 4am - 6 hours after the meeting. Then the sun finally rose and I remembered all the great people involved on both ends. The final list is set to break over on the kabinet's page in the next week!

Okay, so still a little terrified, but pretty darn excited too.

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