Monday, 10 January 2011


This is something new to me. Not completely, but mostly. What this also is, is just for me. Well, and Aidan when he feels like joining in. I'm not doing this for any other reason other than to do this for the sake of doing. Something I'm not used to doing.

That little wonder up there, found at a Berlin flea market, along with another little wonder arriving via post from somewhere in the Ukraine will be a wholly extra-curricular activity for A and me. This one in particular will have me unraveling 35mm film and rolling it into little cartridges to be usable.

Although this plan has been in the works long before this new year, it does come with a resolution: take fewer pictures.


leah b said...

I guess I shoulda mentioned what kind of camera that is.

It's an Agfa Optima Rapid 500v.

German Wiki page:

PPI said...

Although it is a better camera, collectors keep it's price hovering in the $1000 range. One of the features is that if you have a fast film loaded it switches to 'NP' mode with the flash off.