Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Show cancelled.

I hate missing a show. Especially after a sleepless night before and hours (maybe not) of ear-drum shattering pressure changes. Also, I was really looking forward to seeing a tiny bit of Italy.

Our flight boarded at 5:30am, we were supposed to arrive in Milan at 7:40, but instead we just hovered over the city waiting for Milanese airport peeps to figure out what to do with the snow that apparently paralyzed the entire city (snowmaggeddon, anyone?) until we were diverted to Zurich where we sat on the plane for 3 hours before being told that our Italian destination was unattainable and we'll have to settle back in, buckle up and fly back home. I hate flying. I hate being on airplanes. As soon as I get on my throat dries up, my nose starts to run, my head hurts, flight attendants are irritated, passengers turn into douche bags, and I want so badly to drink some hot coffee to soothe my various aches, but oh, how I want to avoid that death trap of a bathroom. Also, did you know that most airline accidents happen upon take-off and landing? We did each twice in dicey conditions today.

They did this to the plane before we took off. Pretty neato. It was also slightly comforting that whatever it was they were doing to the wings, it was to avoid some sort of in-flight tragedy. The Swiss were thinking.

The one perk of this tour of European airspace was that we flew relatively close to the Swiss Alps. They popped up above the cloud line as we departed.

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leah buckareff said...

i kinda suspected that maybe 5cm closed down Milan yesterday, but it was much more (nothing compared to Canadian standards) and I'm sure they weren't prepared to handle it.

also, walking down the street yesterday i overheard someone say "at least we're not in Canada."