Thursday, 22 January 2009

Wurst Dom, Ever.

Okay, we've been watching a lot of Simpson's episode's online.

We still haven't sampled the braut; however, we have wandered in and out of a lot of churches, and the one that takes the cake is definitely Cologne's Dom. On a train way back in 2005 we sidled up next to it and I was blown away. Not only is it massive, but it took hundreds of years of meticulous stone and glass work to complete. The builder's attempts at completion were foiled, off and on, by various wars and this is evidenced by the every-so-often change in exterior colouring.

Also, in a rare moment of exuberance, we decided to climb the claustrophobic, circling 500+ stairs up the bell tower. Three quarters of the way up I realized I might have vertigo and this was a stupid idea, but there couldn't possibly be much further to go. Our curiosity was rewarded and the detail carved into the structure way up high is incredible, considering they probably meant for very few people to ever go up there. But, I suppose, as with most churches of the Catholic persuasion, the building is meant to mirror their efforts in reaching heaven and these people were serious.


Sascha said...

Yep, the "K├Âlner Dom" as we say is indeed a great construction, I'm happy to be able to say that I live in this city! :)

Unfortunetly I just discovered you and your music a few weeks ago, so I missed the gig (if there even was one, I'm not sure). So please come back one day in the future... :)

Greetings from Cologne


leah buckareff said...

hi sascha,
we did play in cologne with locals "melanchoholics". i really like your city and i hope we'll be back soon, thanks!