Monday, 30 March 2009

2 Galleries & A Former Squat

We tore through Benelux these last few days - well, Bene without the Lux; and 'tore through' meaning trudged and dragged our stuff and slowly-disintegrating selves onto trains and over cobblestones.


Things started out iffy as the owner of Croxhapox in Gent seemed to think that we were an acoustic band. He then showed us to two tiny speakers hooked up to a video installation and demanded that we return them to the exact position that we found them in by the end of the night. We did a mellow sorta set and nobody complained so I'll call it a success.

We killed the next day and few sunny and rainy hours before our train like this:

It's true, there was a lot of scowling this afternoon.

Walking by this:

Next, Antwerp!

It's still up for debate whether we destroyed the p.a. at Logement in Antwerp, or if it destroyed us. It was a strange and chilly night with a definite streak of warmth making it all just a little blurry.

A short note on Belgium beer. These people take it seriously and they brew darn fine bier. For the most part- or, at least the better part- Belgian beers are unfiltered and one might find crud at the bottom of a glass now and again. Lots of Belgian beers are now exported around the world, but apparently they are brewed for export with more stringent filtering processing. So cleaner beer means fewer bugs and less taste. Think on that when you find yourself staring at $6 bottle of Chimay at the LCBO.

OCCII in Amsterdam was where we swept in and out of ever so briefly last night. We quickly departed that other European city I have trouble leaving early this morning on the promise that we'll be returning for a few days sans guitars for a little r&r. I'm so very tired.

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