Friday, 13 March 2009


We moved this week and unprecedented in every other move of my life, it was done - unpacked and settled - in 3 days. It only took that long because we moved via our own slow-hauling feet and a cab ride. Also, Aidan's illness continues to plague him so we had to take it easy. (My last few moves took upwards of a year to get unpacked and settled.)

Two pervasive thoughts have rolled through my mind since moving into this new apartment: 1- I never want to leave and have to give it up. 2- I want to sit at my new work table and just make books for the forever that I want to stay here. It's so clean and spare and just begging to be sullied by my work habits. But, two other tasks remain at the top of my to do list until the end of the month. We need to finish some recording for our new friends over at Bis Auf's Messer, who with our friend Helge and his crazy incredible artwork we're putting together a 12" and some t-shirts; and, some recording stuffs for our dear friend, Drone Records. Whoa! Shop talk! What the heck, I'm on a roll so I'll brag a little bit about a li'l project that will be out everywhere in the world really soon.

So we recorded an album of covers. Everyone keeps asking about the logic behind our choices - which include golden nuggets from the likes of Slayer, My Bloody Valentine, a Kids in the Hall tune we've been playing for a while, and A-ha. Really, it comes down to a short list of songs that we like and that work. Mystery solved. Read further justifications from various interviews Aidan has been barraged with. The artwork for this crazy scheme (sampled above) comes courtesy of Matt Smith.

I mentioned Matt and his great illustrating skills a while ago - also, anyone a 'fan' of ours on facebook will also be familiar with his abilities.

If you'd like give yer ears a listen, do it here, here, and here:
A-ha cover on our myspace
My Bloody Valentine cover on Pitchfork
Slayer cover on Exclaim

We also set out on another short trip around England before returning to Dublin for an evening and then onto Antwerp, Gent, and Amsterdam.

Okay, that's enough self-promotin' for one day! I think the next episode of the Wire has loaded, gotta go!


Laurie said...

Awesome! I love your new place and the artwork of you guys is fantastic. :) That's so exciting!!

sweetie pie press said...

kids in the hall? terriers? the daves i know?

leah buckareff said...

"long, dark twenties" from brain candy. we started playing it as a kinda joke as i neared the end of my very own a couple years ago. the youtube clip is of us playing it a couple years ago - the sound is terrible, but the kids really seem to dig it!

my dream is to have bruce mcculloch do the vocals for us one day.

toronto craft alert said...

leah, this is a totally exciting project and the artwork is great. your new apartment makes me want to make a mess, too.

umm, mark mckinney used to live in my building, maybe i could hook something up??