Monday, 5 July 2010

Just, like, some stuff I'm doing.

As my touring schedule is minimal these muggy summer days, I'm filling my time by embedding myself in things handmade.

First up, I'll be flubbing my way through a workshop on some simple bookbinding techniques with German kids (and not-so-kids) at La Bastellerie(Lausitzer 13) for some crafty summer boot camp action. I'll be there on July 13, but they've got great workshops happening all week long so if you're in Berlin, make a pit stop at the bastel lounge before your evening beer and frisbee in Gorlitzer Park.

Further, in my need to shove my hand into as many pots and, err, bottles as possible, I've started a wee project with the support of the good ladies of La Bastellerie. It is The Wunderkabinet - in all it's Deutsche-English confusion and beauty. This is something of a bi-monthly, curated exhibition-installation that will be housed inside La Bastellerie's lounge. As the above image indicates, submissions are welcome from near and far! Pass it along.

Over the next few weeks I'll 'renovate' this cabinet:

...into one of wunder.

Wunderbar! Ja?

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