Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Last Fall

Just before we left the continent last September, Aidan and I made a short stop in London to decompress before heading back to Canada, play a show or two, and record a li'l somthin' at Southern Studios for their Latitudes series.

Oh, and that little brick house you see there? Well, that's the fabled Southern Studios - upon matching it to the address we were given, we had a small argument about who was going to ring the doorbell and ask the little old lady who answers if there was a studio in her front room. It was a confusing few minutes until someone came along, unlocked the front door (which is actually about 8 inches thick), and revealed to us the front room which was, in fact, a studio.

It was a nice day and this is what the result was:

If you want it, we have it for sale over here. We'll also be playing Creepy Teepee in Kutná Hora, CZ this Sunday! We'll have it with us there, too.

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vendel.ín said...

'm looking forward to see you on creepy teepee