Saturday, 18 February 2012


A few nights ago, Aidan began a solo tour with A-Sun Amissa. It started with a really great show here, in Berlin, at West Germany. I wish I could share audio from the entire night here, on the blog. It was super great. Between sets, Helge dj'd a perfect mix and Aidan played in a super trio with Erik Skodvin & Andrea Belfi. Really only the third time - ever - the three of them played together, it was truly great and they've got to get that shit recorded. Seriously.
Aidan being on the road, I'm left at home to work and (grudgingly) make my own coffee. It's tough getting motivated when the workaholic I share my space with isn't around to make me feel guilty about loafing around, but I'm working on the foundations of what will be The Wunderkabinet's big project of the year. I've pared down from constant exhibitions to accommodate for tours and a trip back to Canada this summer. I'd also like to go as nuts as possible where the kabinet is concerned so focussing on one big project right now is the way to go. More on that later.
For now, I'm working through an immediate to-do list of things long overdue. Alright, I'm also crocheting myself a cape while watching episodes of Downton Abbey. This is the first thing I've ever crocheted using an actual pattern and it's a big project! It will be about hip length with arm slits and button-up. I thought I'd try to chronicle my progress:

Not so much at the moment, but more to come.


ilovesasek said...

Welcome back from your tour! I love your cape as a collar. Looking forward to seeing the progress and hearing more about your big Wunderkabinet project!!

Claire Louise Milne said...

Love the cape, love Downton Abbey. I thought it was a collar before I read the post and I thought it looked so pretty.
I just got my "Little Schools" fabric sample today so I thought I would let you know that:

leah b said...

heehee, yes - i sort of like it just as a collar, too, but i'm intent on making myself this cape!

claire, i've been perusing all your designs and coming up with things i would love to do with them! i think 'little schools' would make a really cute summer top... thanks for letting me know!