Monday, 2 July 2012

Parks, Kultur, Difficulties

Since first hearing about Kulturpark and what they hoped to do with Spreepark, idling and slowly being stolen away by people (I presume) hoping to add some Berlin cachet to their apartments, I was totally onboard and even contributed to their Kickstarter campaign. Then came the inevitable walls of bureaucracy and when they opened the park to the public this weekend, this is what we encountered along a (literally) red-taped perimeter around a few bier stands and food stalls:

What was operational during the weekend was the old train tour around the perimeter of the entire park. It was surreal and oddly unsafe feeling - particularly - as we moved over the florescent water of a decaying ride and through a pitch-dark tunnel that smelled pungently of rot.

I do hope some their big plans come to fruition. I went exploring the park early one morning a few years ago with my friend, Jill, and what I saw from the train this weekend proves that the park's vacancy is leading to it very slowly being lost.
Further reading, or what the park was like in the summer of 2009:

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