Saturday, 7 February 2009

An evening in Estonia

By the time we found ourselves on the street in Tallin(Estonia), it was evident that my Parker Brothers prejudice was way off. There's not a lot going on along the highways between major cities here- except some seriously precarious ice-fishing, but the city's old centres are pretty beautiful, and just plain neato.

On the walk from the club to our lodgings I was pretty mesmerized by the wintry ambiance of the old architecture in the city's centre. Every corner we turned was equally photo-op worthy.

Another full house of a show, but man, the pressure of expectant fans is really nerve-racking. Post show drinking continued until the wee wee hours for most people - light weights such as ourselves packed it in around 2 or 3. I learned my lesson of drinking on an anxiety-ridden stomach in Poland and I didn't want a repeat.

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