Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Stuff I Made

It seems another coldsnap has the city gripped in it's callous, soul-less claws. It snowed, so it looks pretty, but the cold is seeping in and we had to stay warm if we were going to get any work done. So I made soup. I'll admit that I don't usually cook. Aidan does 90% of the cooking, but every so often something motivates me to prepare our sustenance. This time it was a tetra-pak of coconut milk and the promise of two-days-worth of food. It was spicy and delicious and went really well with our daily weissbier selection. We're making like Beliners and ingesting a lot of local beer. So far, my favorite is a cherry porter (not a weissbier).

Also, my hands are cramping as I stitched up some maybe kinda silly new Nadja patches. Do they look even remotely sinister? The bat - yep, it's supposed to be a bat - is gocco'd and then I embroidered the rest. The fabric is either a piece of old curtain with a bark-like texture or bits of ends I picked up in the last month. The still need to be trimmed and backed, but here's a sneak peak.

One other thing I made this week: my first pony-tail in a long time. I've decided to grow my hair out because short hair is just too expensive and I'm too far away from one of the only people I trust to cut this mop.


anne said...

I love the's almost disneyesque looking (hope that's not an insult) and I also love the ponytail. So cute!

leah buckareff said...

Awww. Thanks Anne! Thanks also for clipping the T.S. for me - I miss Toronto craftiness...