Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Becky's Brokeback Pontiac

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The Pontiac in question has been a very helpful presence in my life. It helped me move, it got me to a few craft fairs. It even served as storage for my table for a little while. It was also a comfort to glimpse now and again outside my window - it let me know that my dear friend Becky wasn't far away.

However, it's seen better days and is now in need of some life-saving repairs. Becky's collected a stellar group of performers to entertain the caring folk that come out and there's even going to be a silent auction for stuff that you would otherwise pay a lot more for!!

Which brings me to something of specific interest to some of you. Maybe you are one of my loved ones (or, maybe you'd like to be) and maybe you only hear from me when I address the entire internet here on my blog and you'd like a little more personal attention. Maybe you're willing to pay for it! Well, my contribution to said silent auction is hand-made correspondence from Berlin to you and you alone! I'll include a little handmade gift that lets you know I'm thinking of you.

By all accounts, this promises to be a really excellent evening. Even if you don't care to hear from me, you should definitely go. I long to see that Pontiac almost as much as I long to see Becky again soon.

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