Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sneers & Kisses To You On Earth Day!

Go hug a tree! Go ahead and fall in love with it! How can you not? They're just so very pretty.

The earth, or what I could see of it, looked darn good today. The thought of having a tree tattooed on my arm so that I could remember what one looks like 50 years from now makes me so so sad. So I did my conservation best today and I didn't wash any dishes, do any laundry, or bathe! Keeping that pace is very unrealistic, but water is where I think I am most wasteful so that is where my Earth Day resolution lies.

I'm not sure how to segue into hyperbolic crochet, but the environment is of concern here so that will just have to be enough keep you reading for lack of my writing skills. That [awkwardly] said, if you're in Toronto you should make your way to the Knit Cafe (1050 Queen St. West) where some of my pals have built a window full of hyperbolically crocheted sea life from plarn.

photo by Becky Johnson

photo by Angelune Des Lauriers

photo by Becky Johnson

This installation comes down tomorrow so make your way there, immediately! If you're wondering what the hell this mathy-sounding crochet is and what the hell is has to do with the environment, watch this:


angelune@TCA said...

Thanks Leah! I hope lotsa people show up tonight... :s

Laurie said...

Crochet is the devil, I tells ya! Also so are trees - they make me sneezy and itchy.

leah buckareff said...

this is running commentary on my evil, evil spring. crafts, trees, and metal festivals. red eyes and sneezing all around!