Monday, 13 April 2009

A Few Hours In Leipzig

Last night we drove to Leipzig - one of my favorite cities - to open for what is probably the biggest, or, at least most legendary, bands we've yet been able to finagle our way onto the bill with: Earth. What made this especially sweet is that it all happened in what is probably my favorite venue, ever: UT Connewitz. It's a kinda beautiful, kinda delapidated old theatre with the backstage located on the balcony - incidentally, the best spot in the house to watch and listen.

I was pretty stressed out about this show. My feelings of inadequacy as a musician are sharply amplified when I share the stage with bands like this. It didn't help that I broke a string during sound check - without a spare, on Easter Sunday. UT solidified its favour in my books when they made a few calls and somehow delivered a string to me. My stiffened and stressed out body also disabled me from pulling my camera out as we ate dinner in a really lovely garden.

I found this in the basement. It looks to be 'former bloc' built.

--We played here 2 years ago and I took a million pictures of the place and surrounding neighbourhood. I assumed that these pictures were on my computer somewhere and I could post a few here - but they're on a disc, in a box, somewhere at home.


S. Buckar said...

That thing in the basement looks like a Nazi torture device..

leah buckareff said...

It's a projector! We were in a really old cinema.