Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Springtime Wilderness

It's been very many years since I last entered a zoo. I have mixed feelings about the whole concept - animals locked up and caged in while children scream at them. On the other hand, here are animals that I can see and interact with (to a degree) without running for my life as I do so. The Berlin Zoo is also a famous zoo for a few different reasons. It's the oldest zoo in Germany; it's located in downtown Berlin; and, it's home to Knut - the world-famous polar bear born at the zoo a couple years ago.

I'm not actually sure if this is, in fact, Knut. But, he is a pretty young bear and he was the only one in site on this very warm afternoon. Knut's not much of a cub these days, but it's spring and there were baby animals everywhere!

Then we hit what instantly turned me into my six year old self - Hippohaus. Inside, you can catch glimpses of them in the water. Here's some baby fat for your viewing pleasure.

Outside, the fam went for a bit of stroll.

Other signs that it was Spring? Males were assaulting females everywhere we looked.

The ornithological sections of the zoo were especially distressing to walk through. Massive birds were caged in. This guy isn't much of flyer, but I still detected a little bit of pleading in his gaze. Others were simply taunted by herons hanging out in the nearby freedom of the canal and once in a while swooping overhead.

The other thing that dawned on me as we approached the hedge that separated us from the massive lion resting in the shade is that they probably sedate the animals here.

The monkeys (and their relatives) were a little bit more spazzy. This guy, however, was so chill and awesome, you'd never know who his neighbours are.

These guys lived next door.

This guy was also pretty amazing.


The den Boers said...

We were at the Berlin zoo last year and we also found it a little saddening. The monkey house bummed me out. I still enjoyed myself though. Some areas were great. I guess I'm just used to the Toronto zoo. It seems like the animals have more space and places to go when they don't want to be around people.


leah buckareff said...

That's exactly what we were thinking as we wondered around. The wilds of Scarborough seem a little kinder.

Also, those are amazing pictures! We just noticed the church with the missing steeple and then we couldn't find it to do further exploring. We'll have to got back to area again soon.

S. Buckar said...

Leah, do you remember when I took you and Miriam to the T.O. Zoo? remember the hippo's.. That was the last time I was at a Zoo.

leah buckareff said...

Hey Sam,
I do remember! That was actually the last time I was at a zoo, too. I was trying to remember how old we were. I do remember the hippos - they were A LOT bigger than the Berlin hippos. At least the ones that I actually saw come out of the water.