Sunday 20 December 2009

Time Slips, But There'll Still Be Trunks in the Afternoon

Time slipped away from me this last month and City of Craft updates were relegated to instantaneous splurts on facebook. Once I get my act together, the new year, I'll attempt to fill all kinds of holes I've left here and elsewhere...

For now, an attempt to prompt you out of your Sunday evening hibernation. My brawling ladies and I will be doing one last show of the season -- this might even be the very last show of the year! Those of you lucky enough to experience me in person in the days leading up to the megalopolis of craft might be wondering why I've thrown another one into the mix, well, this one promises to be a lovely sort of event with snacks and drinks and I have to do nothing but show up and hang out with a bunch of swell people. It's all happening at the new nifty collective Heartbeat 960 (that's 960 Queen St. West). Aside from things handmade - which will be plentiful, I'm also pretty excited about this show's promise of vintage and records!

Come and hang out! It'll be nice.