Wednesday 13 February 2013

Crossing over, again.

Things seem to move so slowly this time of year.  I've actually been pretty busy and a lot has been happening, but I still feel so unproductive.  I think this mostly has to do with 80% of life occurring in near-darkness this time of year.  

I have no photos to show any sort of forward momentum in my life, but that train I'm not on is going somewhere.

Actually, I have been and will continue to spend more hours at my desk (with the above view) as I prepare for workshops - one that you can sign up for on the left side of this page! - and, a trip to North America that will include me participating in City of Craft's Spring Show. Anyone who's ever run through the archive of this page will know how close this show is to me.  In fact, we're pretty much staying in Canada for the extra weeks after some travels because of it! (more on those travels later)

Also, there's some other exciting stuff that will unfold over the next months, but I'll save that as motivation to keep up with blog.