Tuesday 23 February 2010

How I Deal With Freaking Out

I teach myself to crochet a hexagon and then I formulate an afghan pattern. I assume that I could just collect colour-corresponding yarn on the long, long road ahead of me and make the hexagons in transit as thousands of miles of autobahn zip past me.

I know to some of you - particularly members of my family that may be reading - this may seem like a waste of precious time while I should be doing a million other things, but it's been a tough week and there's a lot to be said for the meditative power of a single action repeated thousands of times in order to alleviate intense pain.

Pain aside, I'm a little tense these days as we pack up everything we own, once again, and head off to our adoptive home of canals, parks, and cheap beer. I should qualify that I'm pretty darn excited to get back to Europe just in time for the entire continent to bloom, but we still need an apartment (for May 1, if you know of anything) and we'll get back to Berlin just in time to rest up a wee bit before we hit pavement with our friends OVO and Thrones for a record tour - well, for us anyway.

If you live on that crowded little continent, come say hello should we shove on through your town. Here's the list:

31 Mar @ Paradox, Tilburg, NL
01 Apr @ DB’s, Utrecht, NL
02 Apr @ Magasin 4, Brussels, BE
03 Apr @ 4AD, Diksmuide, BE
05 Apr @ W71, Weikersheim, DE
06 Apr @ Molodoi, Strasbourg, FR
07 Apr @ Sonic Ballroom, Koln, DE
08 Apr @ Noumatrouff, Mulhouse, FR
09 Apr @ Les Trinitaires, Metz, FR
10 Apr @ Peniche Excelsior, Le Mans, FR
11 Apr @ Les Instants Chavieres
12 Apr @ Grrnd Zero, Lyons, FR
13 Apr @ Milk, Genova, IT
14 Apr @ Spazio 211, Torino, IT
15 Apr @ Magnolia, Milano, IT
16 Apr @ Almagia, Ravenna, IT
17 Apr @ Centro Stabile di Cultura, San Vito di Leguzzano, IT
18 Apr @ Parco della Colonia, Osoppo, IT
20 Apr @ Postgarage, Graz, AT
21 Apr @ Fluc, Vienna, AT
22 Apr @ Kapu, Linz, AT
23 Apr @ PMK, Innsbruck, AT
24 Apr @ IVI, Frankfurt, DE
26 Apr @ Hafenklang, Hamburg, DE
27 Apr @ K4, Nurnberg, DE
28 Apr @ UT Connewitz, Leipzig, DE
29 Apr @ Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE
30 Apr @ Lades Kælder, Copenhagen, DK
01 May @ Skånes Konsförening, Malmo, SE
03 May @ Truckstop Alaska, Goteborg, SE
04 May @ TBA, Stockholm, SE
05 May @ Blà, Oslo, NO
06 May @ Utmark, Bergen, NO
08 May @ 1000 Fryd, Aalborg, DK

Holy radishes!