Thursday 31 March 2011

Of Boris & Becky


photo by Becky Johnson

There are just a handful of people left in the western world that lead rare and amazing lives. Often, their sustainability is threatened by the forces of man, nature and sometimes both.

If you've ever brushed past the surface of this blog or my own life, you are no stranger to Becky Johnson. There are even a hundred (or so) Nadja fans out there sporting a Becky Johnson designed t-shirt. What many of you don't know is that Becky and her partner, the Reverend Aitor - another Nadja collaborator - do a substantial amount of their work on the road. In the past, they have criss-crossed North America in the crocheted-afghan-interior of beat-up Dodge station wagon, Boris Karloff, but like everything manufactured in the early 80's (take note 'Cosby' sweaters) expiration dates are imminent.

Along with working along and with the road, Becky also runs a blog that not only chronicles their life, but also serves as a huge resource to crafters, artists, and makers across the continent. The so so sad demise of Boris has put a serious kink in this year's schedule and help is needed to make sure The Sweetie Pie & Reverend make it out again this year. I could go on and on, but I think you should just watch this video and let Becky tell you all about it! Then, visit her Kickstarter project and back this project while getting something great in return!