Monday 13 September 2010

From the Vaterland to the Motherland

photo by Olga Talalay, also pictured: Marusja in black and Bobby in green

It's been a week since we returned to Berlin from a 4 day trip to Russia - more accurately, we've returned from 4 days in St. Petersburg and Moscow. As much as I would really love to see a little more of that immensely vast country, it just wasn't in cards this time. It's also taken me this long to get over the trip enough to archive it here. It's just oh so amazing and just oh so exhausting.

I really love the chaotic energy of the cities - particularly Moscow - I guess I also love that I get to leave. However, another trip east means another Russian making fun of me. Last year it was shirt I wore and this time I looked like a "math teacher from the country side" was super hot and super sweaty on stage and my hair (and face) is prone to do that in damp circumstances!

I will say that I got to practice my Russian a lot on this trip and that was pretty fantastic - that's right Mom and Pop, thanks for forcing me to spend the lovely Saturday mornings of my youth in Russian school.

Of course, a tour in Russia is not without drama, but I'd rather dwell and dream of returning sometime soon. So I'd really just like to thank Marusja for being a great friend and keeping us company in both cities; two Maxims and an Anton for feeding, housing, booking(!), chatting and setting us up with some great music; Sabine for her warm hospitality; and to super sweet and sleepy Sasha for not only putting on an amazing show, but putting us in a cab with the most amazing driver! It was terrifying trip to the airport, but thoroughly entertaining.

Oh yes, if you want to see more pictures, click on THIS.