Thursday, 6 November 2008


So we finally arrived at Amsterdam Centraal Station yesterday- jet beleagered and hungry. I'm not sure of what happened next but there was laundry to be gotten and and some really yummy pizza and then after some 40 or so hours of sleeplessness we finally got to bed and slept for 14+ hours.

Sadly, this meant that we would see very little of Amsterdam before we needed to catch our train to Haarlem where our first show would happen.

The show in question was okay on the lesser side. The sound guy didn't really know what to make of our 'sound' and it took repeated insistence from our friend (and Holland roadie) Roger to make it sound okay.

Tonight we played with a great little rockin' band from Seattle called The Dead Science.

Here's our coming itinerary (there's some Spanish dates there at the end that Aidan has put somewhere and I am just too tired to find right now).

11/07/08 Fri @ Solingen, Germany

11/08/08 Sat @ Metz, France

11/09/08 Sun @ Lyon, France

11/10/08 Mon @ Geneva, Switzerland

11/11/08 Tue @ Lausanne, Switzerland

11/12/08 Wed @ Basel, Switzerland

11/13-14/08 Thurs/Fri @ Augsburg, Germany

11/15/08 Sat @ Nuremburg, Germany

11/16/08 Sun @ Strasbourg, France

11/18/08 Tue @ Hamburg, Germany

11/19/08 Wed @ Berlin, Germany

11/21/08 Fri @ Edinburgh, Scotland

11/22/08 Sat @ Barrow-in-Furness, England

11/23/08 Sun @ Bristol, England

11/24/08 Mon @ Coventry, England

11/25/08 Tue @ London, England

11/27/08 Thurs @ Birmingham, England

11/28/08 Fri @ Cork, Ireland

11/29/08 Sat @ Dublin, Ireland

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