Sunday, 9 November 2008

Lyon, France

The problem with touring is that your schedule generally looks like this: wake up around 10/11am, try and eat something or find coffee by noon, be on the road no later than 1 to make your “load in time” of 5pm (completely useless in more ways than I care to get into here, but every promoter insists on it and everyone else is worried about not being on time), sit around and wait for your sound check to start, sit around some more and wait for the doors to open, sit around even more and wait for your turn to do your thing - then, it’s either 2am or you sit around and wait for others to do their thing until 2am, then you hope that there’s a clean bed somewhere waiting for you - or, whatever, really just as long as it’s not freezing and there’s a shower with hot water in the morning. Then, you do the same thing again the next morning.

We all slept in this room. Not so bad, that's a papyrus plant! This was the view out the window:

Sometimes, you get lucky and you arrive in an amazingly beautiful city and the club you’re playing is a boat, with portholes, called Sonic.

Sometimes, you get even luckier and you only have a 3 hour drive to your next show and you get to explore this beautiful city.

Lyon is the second biggest city in France and it's similarities to the biggest are striking. It's just a little hillier. Also, and they might have one of these in Paris - I don't know, but miniatures are huge here and we stumbled upon a miniature film set museum. Pretty amazing.

Alright, wipe that cheese off you shirt, Liz! We've got a show somewhere in Switzerland tonight.

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