Wednesday, 12 November 2008

"I think it's so great that people like you, makes music like this." - Michi, Basel

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In Switzerland, they kiss 3 times (if they're French-Swiss, German-Swiss don't touch you). Also, all across this tiny nation the people are incredibly warm - regardless of cultural leanings - and even the shows held in scary, fortress-like squats where almost no one shows up end up feeling more like a nice evening than a total waste of time. Okay, maybe “nice” is the wrong term, but everyone there was.

Also, since our time is Switzerland is brief with 3 shows in 3 rainy days and highway shots are a little boring, I'll actually post some pictures from our show in Geneva.

Yes, that's Aidan playing with Picastro - he played twice each night of our 10 date tour with them.

We did actually get to Lausanne a little early and we made our way over to L'Art Brut. If you ever find yourself here, go here. It was overwhelming and inspiring and so, so depressing.

Photography was strictly prohibited, but I kept coming back to look at the needlework of Jeanne Tripier. Her 'spirituality' sent her spiralling and her embroideries were the channel. It's hard to find anything about her online and in English, so I leave it to you to search if you want. L'Art Brut's website is a nice resource. While you're there, also look up Alexander Lobanov. His obsessive anxiety put on paper kinda got to me, too.

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leah buckareff said...

I should also mention to all you Darger enthusiasts, L'Art Brut has a massive collection - an entire room.