Saturday, 15 November 2008


Southern Germany is neat and olde worldy and they embrace a frightening version of Christendom that, as Canadians, we rarely see. I guess I experienced some scary Christianity as a youngster, but that's way beyond what I'll get into here and save it for some future therapy.

First was Augsburg, where we played the Lab 30 festival. This was a multimedia & music festival that also featured our good friends Troum. Also playing was Tamagawa - one French guy performing all-enveloping guitar drone under a Japanese-y name. Hard to follow, but it was 3am and we were up next.

There was an exhibition, but upon inspecting the website it seems I missed a lot. From what I did see, big props out to the people who created the machine that transformed your credit card info into a knitting pattern featuring a Space Invaders theme and then stitched up right there in front of you.

In Nuremburg, we had some time to spare before the show so we took a stroll through the Christmas market, picked up some super delicious gingerbread, witnessed the next big thing in craft: hedgehogs, and climbed up to the castle. Being on a budget, we hopped the turnstile to the tower and were rewarded with some amazing views of the city.

Also stumbled upon this paper cut studio - that was closed... Sadly, nothing spectacular in the window, but I sensed that there was some awesome paper cuts beyond my field of vision.

That night we played with this insane Japanese band called Birushanah - 1 taiko drummer that also played bass, 1 drummer on a kit, 1 drummer on various metal things, and crazy guitarist/singer. They were pretty unbelievable and for the complaining I do - not here - about cruddy line-ups, sometimes we get lucky.

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