Monday, 3 November 2008

Paper made me poor, so now I have to tour with my experimental doom metal band.

So I've started a blog. It's about the world that I'm seeing as I tour with Aidan. There'll certainly be some paper nerd-dom here when I get a brief chance to stop and explore the cities I visit - however, anyone that's ever done a musical tour knows that to make money you have to play as often as possible. Sadly, this means that I only see most cities for a day, and just barely.

Also, I should mention (with regards to paper), that the rest of my Coldsnap Bindery inventory is for sale at Book City on the Danforth (348 Danforth Ave). **for Book Citizens reading: I forgot to take a photo of that crazy little tree trunk book I made for my archives. Could someone (maybe someone with an iphone) do that for me? Thanks!**


sweetie pie press said...

welcome to the blogosphere.

am i your first comment? i really want to be.

i miss you already and love you so much. i can't wait to follow all your adventures and nerdiness.

security envelopes from the road gladly accepted here,


karyn said...

hi leah! i'm happy we can be linked in via elektroniks and be together 'virtually'. thinking crafty thoughts of you!

Bizstart Team said...

lovely to see you in blogland, leah!
thanks for sharing your adventures this all my favourite crafty nomads are online.

btw, my security word is "swead" (reminds me of sweet bread), which i think bodes well for your time abroad.

Bizstart Team said...

too many random blogger IDs! this is your friend jen anisef!

leah buckareff said...

awww...crafty comments from across the pond!

i'm still not convinced my life is exciting enough to blog, but this makes my mom happy. right now it kinda feels like mass emailing.

i think it'll get craftier and artier once mid-december hits and i'll be able to explore berlin - and take it easier when we travel.

leah buckareff said...

oh yeah! becky, i know you want already used security envelopes to i'll hit up my friends when i see them. xoxo i miss you guys.

amanda said...

As to the trunk book...
Funny that you should suggest that I might photograph it.
When I came to do the cash the morning after you left your stock I spied it on Pat's desk and I knew at once that it would have to come home with me. Just beautiful. I will photograph it and keep it safe for you to sign when you return.