Saturday, 29 November 2008


Moving through Irish customs and getting our green stamp of approval - with a smile, I knew things were going to go well.

We started in Cork where we played to a full house of appreciative fans. I was put into a few headlocks and photographed by some that had a wee bit too much to drink. I haven't seen the evidence and am still waiting for them to surface somewhere on myspace.

The next day we drove to Dublin where we played a strange show in jam-packed pub with Romanian headliners that I think either hated us (Nadja) or us (Aidan and Leah). Regardless, the evening was pretty great and here we are surrounded by super nice Polish and Irish metal dudes with a fresh pint of Smithwicks in hand! This one comes courtesy of the shy one in the back.

We had a day off in Dublin where the impending holiday season slapped us back to reality. People were chaotically shopping and clogging the cities pedestrian arteries and as we searched for evidence of Dublin's literary legacy I soon realized that Beckett was replaced with cheap Scandinavian fashions in the mass consumer psyche.

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